Family Eye Care

Family eye care, Family Eye Care, The Eye Place

Let our team take care of your family

It’s easier to notice changes in your vision, and it’s often the reason people book in for an eye exam. But changes to the health of your eyes are less obvious, allowing conditions to progress undetected.

A routine eye exam is a yearly or biyearly occurrence. It provides an opportunity to not only check your vision, but also screen for any underlying eye conditions.

Most eye conditions initially progress without symptoms, but are more effectively treated in their initial stages.

For this reason, we give every patient, regardless of age or symptoms, a thorough assessment of both their vision and their eye health at every eye examination.

Look after your parent’s eyes

As your parents age, it is normal to notice gradual changes in their eyesight. However, it’s important to ensure those changes are being tracked and managed.

Eye diseases are much more common in those over 65. Which is why it’s critical they see an optometrist each year.

Let our team take care of the senior members in your family. We provide tailored, professional, friendly and care to everyone.

We are experienced in the specific requirements related to senior eye health, and will ensure your parents feel comfortable, are listened to, and receive the very best care.

Family eye care, Family Eye Care, The Eye Place

Does your husband keep ‘borrowing’ your glasses? Might be time to book him in for an eye exam.

Have you noticed your husband:

  • Squinting while reading
  • Holding books at a distance
  • Borrowing your glasses
  • Struggling to read street signs
  • Struggling to read the footy score

We know it can feel like pulling teeth to get them to admit they need help. But trust us, their vision won’t correct itself!

Our team are easy to talk to, understand what it’s like to wear glasses and will take the best care of your husband’s eyes.

Family eye care, Family Eye Care, The Eye Place

Want your kids to see their best? Make sure they get a regular eye test!

Even if you haven’t noticed any problems, it’s worth bringing your child in for an eye test any time from the age of 6 months.

An eye test at The Eye Place is about two things – your child’s vision and the health of your child’s eyes.

Your child may not display any problems with their sight, but many eye conditions have no visible symptoms in their initial stages. Regular screening of their eyes will ensure early detection – when treatment is most effective.

We understand this is another item on your to-do-list. We wouldn’t recommend it if we didn’t believe it was worth your time. It’s also a healthy routine to start with your child, that they can take into adulthood. Plus, eye exams are painless!

We allow 30 minutes for every eye exam, giving plenty of time for you to ask questions and for us to explain any findings.