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The Eye Place

Where exceptional eyecare meets fabulous eyewear.

The Eye Place was opened in July 2015 to provide the best optometry care in a simple, straightforward manner for the people of Singleton.

A practice that benefited both the patients and the staff.

A Practice for our Patients

The Eye Place is focused on delivering eyecare that is thorough, tailored, and understandable for every patient.

At The Eye Place, we conduct 30 minutes for an eye exam. We perform every relevant test, every time, regardless of age or symptoms. This ensures there is time available for all your questions and you know the cost upfront.

Book your next eye exam with us.

It’s easier to notice changes in your vision, and it’s often the reason people book in for an eye exam. But changes to the health of your eyes are less obvious, allowing conditions to progress undetected.

, Home, The Eye Place

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, Home, The Eye Place

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