Our Story

, Our Story, The Eye Place

The Eye Place

They wanted to build a practice in Singleton, that provided the best optometry care in a simple, straightforward manner. A practice that benefited both the patients and the staff.

A Practice for our Patients

The Eye Place is focused on delivering eyecare that is thorough, tailored, and understandable for every patient.

Adam has had plenty of experience working in hurried, disorganised practices; practices with confusing exam pricing, where the onus is on the patient to decide which tests they do and don’t need.

He experienced how detrimental this was to the patient’s experience, and to the patient’s care. He wanted a better experience for his patients.

At The Eye Place, we allow 45 minutes for eye exam. We perform every relevant test, every time. We charge a flat fee, regardless of age or symptoms. This ensures there is time available for all your questions and you know the cost upfront.

A Practice for our Staff

Having experienced both great, and not-so-great working environments, Adam and Anna wanted to create a business where people enjoyed their work.

At The Eye Place, employees are listened to, supported, and treated with respect.

Adam and Anna are very proud of their team and regularly receive feedback about their professionalism, kindness, and quality of service. There may be a few awards for excellence on our shelves!!

, Our Story, The Eye Place